MD’s Message

Since Delton’s inception in 1948, almost 72 years ago, we have been a pioneer in the field of electricals, having achieved several milestones during our long journey.

Not only do we offer a complete range of power cables, telephone cables, special cables and low voltage switchgear, but we also look to the future to service the needs of our customers in the spheres of home automation and other wiring accessories. Our aim is for us to fulfil both present and future desires of our customers as an one-stop-shop, thus providing them with ease and comfort.

Delton manufactures its complete range as per International standards and can comply to the customers requirement in totality. We are poised to grow rapidly in the international arena and ensure consistent growth, year on year to eventually become a global player.

We have entered the era of Survival of the Agile, Survival of the game Changers and Survival of the Quick Learners. It is no longer Survival of the Fittest. You can be as fit as you could be, you could have a 200-year-old legacy, you could rank in the top 10 in your industry, but if you are not willing to change, to be agile and a quick learner, you will not be able to sustain that success for long.

There is a powerful driving force in every human being, that, once unleashed can make any vision, dream or desire a reality.

We are proud to have customers like you who have come forward, laid their trust in us and have supported us all along. We will be happy to assist you, no matter what your requirement. We welcome you to join the Delton Family!

Vivek Gupta

Managing Director

Our Clients