Quality & Environment


For Delton, quality is paramount. We guarantee the highly respected “Delton Quality” without any compromise”.
Delton follows rigorous quality controls and every cable drum produced undergoes strict testing procedures certified by our internal test laboratories or independent test agencies, if required. Our cable meets the highest national/international standards prevalent worldwide.
We are proud to be ISO 9001:2000 certified cable manufacturer. However, quality for us is not only related to our products. We believe that everyone needs to contribute to the Quality of Life by the preservation of our environment.

  • We are a responsible manufacturer committed to quality, environmental excellence and safety regulations. This is ensured by :Achieving and maintaining the highest quality standards by self- regulating systems and continuous improvements.
  • Employing processes that reduce and control pollution.
  • Implementing effective safety regulations to ensure safety of the employees.

All our activities aim at quality and customer satisfaction – these are the standards by which we are judged. Committed and creative employees contribute their abilities to the realization of this goal.
 Our quality department strives to achieve the highest quality in raw materials, in-process materials and finished products. Our systems have been approved by STQC, the ISO certifying body.
The quality management system certified according to ISO 9001 also exclusively meets the demands of our customers for economy, reliability and flexibility – We will continue to work in this direction in the future.