Compensating Cables

Used in temperature measuring applications to convey information from a thermocouple element to the measuring device.
The conductors are made of different metal compositions to provide positive and negative cores to match the components of those in terms of thermocouple elements.

  • KX, JX,TX, EX, BX, SX/RX Conductor
  • Available in 16AWG/18AWG/20AWG Sizes
  • Single Pair / Multi pair
  • PVC/PE/XLPE Insulation
  • Shielded with AL. Mylar tape along with Drain wire/Metal Braid/Copper Tape
  • PVC/HR PVC/FR/FRLS/LSZH Inner Sheathed
  • GI WIRE/Flat Strip/GI Braided Armoured
  • PVC/HR PVC/FR/FRLS/LSZH Outer Sheathed
  • Conforming to IS:8784, ANSI MC96.1 and IEC 60584-3.