Product Design & Testing

Delton products are designed and manufactured to the highest national and international standards. To ensure the quality of our cables, our qualified engineers use the latest technology to test and monitor our entire production process from start to finish. Our team of Specialists also designs and customises cables to suit specific clients requirements.

Product Design

In today’s market, sound design engineering is a foundational need. At Delton, this means ensuring that our technical teams are always up-to-date with the latest changes and developments within the industry. Using advanced design technology, that calculates the current rating of cables, we are able to provide our customers with newest design recommendations that are efficient and extremely safe.

We are also focusing on expanding our product range through innovative product development initiatives and continous efforts in R&D, to further be able to satisfy our customers needs.

Product Testing

Using the latest technology equipment, we carry out a full range of Routine Sample and Type tests as per BS, IEC,VDE,ASTM & other national and international standards.

Our Clients