Product Approvals & Certifications

Being a world class cable company, all our products are type tested throughout the entire manufacturing process and approved by well recognized 3rd party certification bodies.

Railway Designs & Standards Organization (RDSO).

Type of Cable
  1. 4/6 Quad Underground Railway Jelly Filled Quad Cables for Signalling and Telecom Installation
  2. Underground Railway Jelly Filled Cables for Signalling and Telecom Installation
  3. Jelly Filled Cable
  4. Cable Signalling Indoor (Multi-Core) (Single-Core)
  5. Power Cable

Indian Telephone Industries Ltd. (ITI)

Type of Cable
  1. Switch Board Cables
  2. JCoaxial & RF Cables
  3. PCM Cables

Telecom Engineering Centre (DOT)

Type of Cable
  1. Coaxial & RF Cables
  2. Jelly Filled Cables
  3. Switch Board Cables
  4. Coil Cord & Straight Cord
  5. PCM Cables
  6. PVC Single-core Cables
  7. Jumper Wire

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

Type of Cable
  1. Control & Instrumentation Cables
  2. Crosslinked Polyethylene Insulated PVC Sheathed Cable
  3. PVC Insulated (Heavy Duty) Electric Cable

Electrical Research & Development Association

Type of Cable
  1. PCM Cables

Shriram Institute for Industrial Research.

Type of Cable
  1. Flame Retardant PVC Cables

Engineers India Ltd (EIL).

Type of Cable
  1. Thermocouple Extension Cables
  2. Control Cables
  3. Fire Alarm and Communication Cables
  4. Signal Cables
  5. Solid Polythene Insulated Jelly Filled Cable
  6. Switch Board Cables

Mecon Limited

Type of Cable
Electrical Instrumentation Telecom & Signalling EQPT Power Distribution / Shop Electrics (Cable & Cabling)
  1. Cable- Compensating -Manufacturer
  2. Cable- Instrumentation/Screened/Signal Manufacturer
  3. Cable- LT Control Cable -Manufacturer
  4. Cable- LT Power Cable -Manufacturer
  5. Cable- Telecommunication (Including Jelly Filled) -Manufacturer

NTPC Limited

Type of Cable
  1. LT PVC Power Cables
  2. Control Cable
  3. Instrumentation Cable
  4. Jelly Filled Cable
  5. Switch Board Cable

Power Grid Corporation of India Limited

Type of Cable
  1. 1.1 kV Grade XLPE Power
  2. PVC Power
  3. PVC Control Cables
  4. Instrumentation Cables
  5. HF Cable

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

Type of Cable
  1. Solid Polythene Insulated Jelly Filled, Polythene Sheathed U/G Telecom Cables Group I & II Armoured / Unarmoured Cables
  2. Cable Switch Board (Screened/ Unscreened)
  3. 1, 10 & 16 Pair Screened PCM Cable for Digital Equipment wiring to work up to 2M BITS/SEC
  4. PCM Cable (0.5mm) 1Pr, 10Pr & 16Pr
  5. PVC Insulated Jumper Wire 2Condr/0.4mm
  6. PVC Cable 1 Pair(Screened)

Airports Authority of India

Type of Cable
  1. Co-Axial / Instrumentation Fiber Optic / CAT-6 Cables
  2. Control Cables
  3. Power Cables Upto And Including 1.1KV
  4. Telephone Cable

UK Certification & Inspection Ltd.

Type of Cable
  1. Armoured or Unarmoured Cables with and option of PVC, PE, F.R, F.R.L.S, & ZHFR & ROHS Insulation & Jacket Compound
  2. Switchgear (Low Voltage)
  3. Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB)

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